“Thus saith the Lord, thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I [am] the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way [that] thou shouldest go.” (Isaiah 48:18)

Divine direction means supernatural leading, it is the direction from God.
The Bible talks about divine direction in the scriptures. God has a road map for each and every one of us. God knows exactly where to take us. He knows the minute details of our life. He has the blue print for our whole life already.

You need to be divinely directed, because misdirection can lead to many years of set back, and can even wipe out a man’s destiny. Many have travelled out of their countries to other places and have become worse off, because the answer to any man’s problem is not in a nation, but in God. However, It is my sincere prayer that that God will instruct and guide you as you journey in this world. He will open your ears to hear His direction on issues that had confused you in the past, and consequently, you will locate yourself in God’s master plan.
We greatly need God’s direction; because, often, the decisions we make in life are based on our assessment, which may not be absolutely correct. Everything may seem right and may appear satisfactory to the human eye, but at the end of it is frustration, stagnation and untimely death. I believe it is as a result of this truth that the writer of Proverbs repeats the contents of Proverbs 14:12 verbatim in chapter 16:25; perhaps for double emphasis. There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.
A man of God once lamented that   “I took a wrong step in 1981, and since then, my life and ministry went down.” Imagine a wrong step taken in 1981, and he is still paying the price today! Every step you take now either takes you forward or backward. One of the greatest mishaps that can ever happen to a man is to lack an idea of where he is going and how to get there. Many have rushed into certain open doors, only to discover that they were traps in disguise. Others have been deceived by the ‘juicy’ look of certain business propositions, and have come to realize that not all that glitters is gold.
By experience and maturity, most people know by now that their lives don’t get better by every good decision they make.  Life only gets better by following the pre-ordained plans of God for your destiny.  Your life will flourish and get better when you make a discovery of His divine plan for your life and follow it.  From Proverbs 14:12, the Bible says there is a way that looks right to an individual but the end is the ways of death.
If you are reading this today and God has already given you a dream to pursue, all you need now is divine direction.
Divine direction is indeed a gateway to every outstanding destiny.I challenge you to start dreaming of doing some lasting things according to God’s direction and you will never regret it.